DIY Halloween Decorations – How To Make Ghosts, Pumpkins, Spiders, Webs etc.

Really easy and a bit scary video tutorial of how to make DIY Halloween decorations without any special materials. Every idea is easy and creative, so I’m sure you will make fast and perfect.

 DIY Halloween Decorations 1

This video consists of 5 parts:

1st part – How To Make A Ghost

I show how to make small ghosts lamp shades, but you can make them any size. Also I show how to make a creepy ghost’s hand and absolutely scary child’s spirit head.

You will need a roll of gauze bandage, corn or potato starch (2 tablespoons), 100 ml cold water, 900 ml boiling water. Pour the mixture of cold water and starch to the boiling water, stir for a minute and let it cool till warm. How to prepare gauze and the process of making ghosts (with eggs btw) – watch in my video.

Gauze soaked with starch mixture will dry for about 5 hours. And when it dry – you must take it off the form (eggs, doll head, rubber glove etc). If it will stuck – rinse it with a SMALL amout of water.

2nd part – How To Make a Spider Web Tablecloth and a Spider Dish with a Cup

For this DIY project you will need a baking paper, scissors, scotch and black marker. Really easy do-it-yourself décor for a dinner. Your table will look awesome!

3rd part – How To Make a Pumpkin

Love this DIY idea. Really easy, fast and you will not think what to cook from all that pumpkins you bought for Halloween. 🙂 Well, for DIY Pumpkin you will need a balloon (orange), a yarn (or any other thread accept of sewing threads), black marker and a piece of baking paper.

4th part – How To Make Big Spider Web

Graet décor idea – big DIY spider web in 5 minutes. All you need is a clothesline (of any colour (I made one web with a black clothesline and one with white)) and a glue gun. Actually you can sew it instead of glue. Follow my easy video instructions and you will make adorable spider web.

5th part – DIY Trick For Halloween

Funny trick for Halloween – to attach a doll speaker to the door. What I mean exactly – watch in my video. 🙂

Well guys, hope you’ll like it and will be pleasantly scared few times 😉

Happy Halloween!

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