DIY Christmas Gifts – DIY Candy Cane Candle, Penguin Slippers and Gingerbread Man Bath Sponge

Really easy Christmas Gifts for friends! These DIYs will be perfect for guys, girls, kids and even for yourself! You can take my instructions as inspiration for your own gifts ideas or follow them step by step.

DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas - DIY Penguin Slippers - DIY Candy Cane Candle - DIY Gigerbread Man Sponge

Everybody takes shower! Obviously! So why not to combine Christmas symbol, such as Gingerbread Man, and everyday necessary thing into Gingerbread Man Bath Sponge! This is my first (of three) DIY. You will need a bath sponge, scissors, superglue and felt (or use yarn, threads, buttons or don’t use anything of that at all).

The second DIY Gift – is a Candy Cane Candles! They look so cozy, so beautiful! And all you need to make them are two white candles, 1 red crayon, adhesive tape (scotch tape), paintbrush and something hot (I used electric burner, but any thing which products heat will be ok). The main tip – don’t hurry! And don’t hold the candle too close to the burner. The candle will heat up slowly (about 5-7 minutes). You will feel the wax has become warm and could be bend. Then gently bend the candle into the shape of cane. Take your time, cause if you’ll rush – the candle can crack. 🙂

And the third DIY Christmas Gift – Penguin Slippers! I chose penguins because they are easy to make, but you can turn your creativity in high and make any animal or anything at all. For slippers you will need: slippers (some bored ones), some pieces of cloth (I used old fleece sweatshirt) and a glue gun. In 5 minutes adorable gift will be ready!


Good luck in creating your DIY gifts! Merry Christmas! 🙂

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