5 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts and Room Decor Ideas

Love is all we need! This video tutorial will help you to prove or show your love with easy DIY gifts and decorations. You’ll find out how to make a paper heart garland, 3D Valentine’s Card, fluffy pom-pom hearts, easy but awesome ring dish of polymer clay, cute sleep mask of felt, and true HANDmade wall art for those who are in love.

Valentines Day Gifts and Room Decor Ideas 3

I start with DIY Fluffy Hearts – or pom-pom hearts. You will need yarn of any color (I used pink, red and white) and, what is not necessary, glitter and hair spray. Add few drops of your favorite perfume and you’ll get an amazing decoration, air freshener or just a cute gift for a one you love.

The next DIY is a Wall Art project for two! This is an idea how to spend time together with fun and creativity. I used a canvas for this project but you can use just a drawing paper. So make this awesome heart shaped wall art with your love or best friend. Or maybe you’re in love with yourself – then make it alone πŸ™‚

The third DIY tutorial is about heart garlands. Well it is very easy (very, but not extremely) and all you’ll need is a printer paper, or wrapping paper, or old magazine pages – whatever. Make paper hearts of different sizes and colors, experiment and you will have a really great Valentine’s spirit in your room. As a bonus I also show how to make a DIY Valentine’s Card with these paper hearts.

The fourth tutorial – DIY Polymer Clay Ring Dish. It is made of little hearts. If you have a cookie cutter in the shape of heart – you can use it for this project. If no – I show how to make a cutter out of a plastic bottle. You will need a plastic strip (about 1 cm for 12 cm). Fold it in half – that will be the bottom of the heart. Then take both ends of the strip and secure them inside β€œthe heart” with a piece of tape. Hope you will understand what I mean in the video. But it was really hard to film transparent plastic… Well, how to bake a polymer clay: bake your polymer clay bowl in preheated oven (110 C or 270 F) for 10 minutes. Carefully take the dish out of your oven and let it cool. When it will become slightly warm – remove the clay from ceramic bowl.

The last DIY Valentine’s project is the thing I can’t live without – the sleep mask or blindfold. As far it is a LOVEly holiday I’ve decided to make it in a shape of hearts. It looks like you are a giant emoji lol. Anyway it is really comfortable and I use it everyday (or every night… ). I made another one for my boyfriend, but with not so bright colors πŸ˜‰ You will need red and pink felt for this DIY sleep mask, pink or red stretchy elastic ribbon, thread and needle. I wouldn’t recommend you to use a hot glue to attach ribbons – better to sew it. But I use a glue gun to glue smaller hearts to cover seams. Give this sleep mask to someone you love and let him dream of you πŸ˜‰


Make love – not war!

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