4 DIY Winter Notebooks – How To Make Winter Theme Notebooks

In this video I show how to make winter inspired notebooks (and a binder). Cute DIY Mitten Notebook, Snowman 3 in 1 notepad, Snowy notebook decoration and cozy knitted cover for your binder.

DIY Winter Notebooks IdunnGoddess

Guys, you know my obsession about stationery and winter 🙂 So here we are – winter inspired notebooks 🙂 You can make it for your own, or it could be a great gift idea as well!

I start with a DIY Mitten Notepad. Just few “insteads” lol First – instead of using a printer paper, you can use old (but blank) pages from old notebooks. And instead of using felt – use a card stock. 🙂

The second is a cozy knitted cover for you ring binder. I used an old knitted scarf for this project (because everyone has useless needless scarfs, right;)). But you can use any knitted clothing. EVEN a sock lol if your notepad is small 🙂

The third notebook was inspired by snowfalls which are almost daily now in my country. Aww, I love snow… Ah… 🙂 If you don’t have a solid color notebook, you can glue a solid color paper to the cover, or paint it with acrylic paint. I used a school glue (white glue or PVA glue) but you can use a glue stick.

And the fourth DIY Notebook – is a three-in-one Snowman notebook 🙂 Super easy and super cute 🙂 You can use white paper instead of light blue. Or even make it colorful (every section with it’s own color) Why not 🙂

Love. Create. Discover.


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