TOP 4 DIY Camera Filters – How to Make Lens Filters for DSLR Camera

diy lens filters all

This is a video tutorial of how to make homemade lens filters with different effects. I chose 4 most popular camera filters and decided to make it by myself.

diy lens filters _ DIY Shaped Bokeh Filter

First DIY lens filter – is a Star-Shaped or Heart-Shaped Bokeh Filter. Also you can call it Defocused Light Shaped Filter or Blur Light Effect Filter. This filter makes all defocused lights (light point) in a star or heart shapes. Actually you can create different shapes (any you would like to) – just follow my instruction of how to make this kind of camera filter and change shapes on Christmas Trees, triangles, squares, flowers or snow crosses etc.

diy lens filters _ DIY Soften Filter

Second DIY DSLR Camera filter – is a Soften Effect Filter, which gives a soft gradation image. You can get warm soft focus effect just using a nylon stocking. This is a great filter for soft-focus effect in your portraits, because softener filters make photos more romantic and hide skin defects.

diy lens filters _ DIY Cross Filter
Third DIY photo filter – is a Cross Filter. This filter makes all lights in a shape of cross – four rays of light emanating from every point of light in the picture. This homemade lens filter is great for night scenes with streetlights, garland flashlights, candles etc.

diy lens filters _ DIY Graduated Filter
Fourth DIY DSLR filter – is a Color-Splashed Lens Filter. Also you can call it Graduated Filter. Choose the color you need and create Gradual Blue, Gradual Red, Gradual Green, Gradual Multi-color or any other color graduated filters. If you want to make the sky more blue, or change it color to pink, or just add a touch of personal colors to the landscape or portrait – then the colored graduated filters are what you need. Add splashes of color to your photographs with my easy and cheep DIY Color-Splashed Lens Filter.

So good luck and Be Creative!

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