How To Make Giant Starbucks Cup – DIY Starbucks Storage Bucket (StarBuckET)

This is a video tutorial of DIY Giant Starbucks Cup – absolutely adorable storage bucket (or as I call it – StarbuckET). This Starbucks bucket is really easy to make and besides it’s awesomeness it is also really useful!

DIY Giant Starbucks Cup 4

For my Giant Starbucks Cup you will need:
– plastic bucket with lid (any size)
– brown spray paint (in case your bucket is not brown)
– spray foam (I used SoudaFoam D&W (Door & Window) and there is a lot of foam left in the can, so you can buy 1 can with a friend for two buckets)
– cardboard tube from a roll of tin foil (or of baking paper)
– green gouache or watercolor or any kind of paint (but green)

So, as you see from the list – you have to visit a hardware store 🙂

About logo – it’s up to you – print it or draw yourself.

I used a double sided tape to stick it to the bucket, but you can use an ordinary school glue.

Just few ideas about what you can store in this Sturbucket – your toys or your pet’s toys, laundry clothes, craft stuff, paints and paintbrushes etc.

So good luck and let me know about your results with a hashtag #idunnclub



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