How To Make Donuts Out Of Socks – 9 DIY Donuts No-sew Projects (Pillow, Stress Toy, Hand Warmers)

Easy video tutorial – how to make a doughnut stuffed toy out of a sock. It will take you 10 minutes to do and it could be used as a stress toy, pincushion, air freshener or pillow (if you’ll make 9 of them). Also I show how to make mini donuts out of a glove (10 fingers โ€“ 10 tiny donuts). Impressively cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

DIY Donuts Stuffed Toys no sew IdunnGoddess

I start my video with a tutorial of multifunctional stuffed donut toy. All you’ll need to make are: 1 sock (of any color), a piece of felt (or any fabric of any color), polyester stuffing (you can take a bit from pillow or stuff a toy with other material) and beads or yarn (optional). I show how to make a soft donut with pink icing and with brown chocolate icing. First one with beads (as sprinkles) and the second is with white โ€œglazeโ€ stripes.
What for are they? You can use it as a toy, room decoration (bright spots in your interior), pin cushion, air freshener (just drip few drops of fragrance oil), or, which is my favorite option, make 9 donuts and make a donut pillow! How to make it you’ll find out in my video.

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Next part of my tutorial shows how to make mini donuts (or baby donuts, as I called them). For these babes you will need a glove (or pair), a piece of fabric (for โ€œfrostingโ€) and bugles, beads or anything for decoration. You can use these tiny doughnuts as pencil toppers, fridge magnets or as a brooch โ€“ up to you!

And the final part of the tutorial is about DIY hand warmers and stress toys. You will need a pair of socks (actually, you can use a sleeve or tights…), rice and piece of cloth for โ€œicingโ€. Don’t glue fabric if you want to use it as a hand warmers. So this donut must be sewed! When โ€œdonutsโ€ will be ready โ€“ microwave them on high for 30 seconds, then put into your coat pockets. Rice will save a warm for, at least, 2 hours and will help your hands not to chill. This kind of donut toys are great to calm nerves! Just squish them! Rice makes such a pleasant noise and feels so relaxing in hands! My video about DIY Antistress ball is so popular, so I’ve decided to make an option ๐Ÿ™‚


Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

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