How To Make An Hourglass Out Of Christmas Ornaments – DIY Hourglass

Easy way to make a beautiful hourglass that measures 1 minute of time, out of glass Christmas ornaments and salt.

DIY Hourglass Idunn Goddess

For DIY Hourglass you will need: 2 Christmas ornaments from clear glass, a piece of clear plastic (I took the lid from disposable plastic container), salt (or sand), super glue, two metal caps for jars and two pencils.

In this tutorial I show how to measure time for hourglass (I point 1 minute), so you can easily change it’s duration by using more salt or making a hole bigger.

If you don’t have a glue gun, you can glue a plastic ring from plastic bottle (that one, that protects cap from opening) to the center of the metal lid for jar with super glue.

I chose white color to paint my sand watch, but you can paint it silver or gold… Whatever you’d like. It’s just the white suites to my room and reminds me about my favourite season – winter 🙂

Use this adorable hourglass as a winter room decor element (or not just winter lol), as a timer or make it as a gift for your friend.

Love. Create. Discover. X

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