How To Make A Squishy Notebook Stress Reliever With Washable Pages – DIY Squishy Notebook

Let me introduce you my new DIY project 🙂 – super-duper cute stress-relieving squishy notebook with washable pages. Squish it, squeeze it, sleep on it, write in it, wash pages and reduce your stress level 🙂

DIY Squishy Notebook Stress Relieving Toy

Awesome DIY Squishy Notebook tutorial. This super cute soft and flexible stress-relieving toy is not just a toy, but an actual notebook – you can write on it’s pages. Then wash pages in a water and you’ll have new clean pages again!

Every thing you will need for this super cute notebook is super cheap and can be found in every house. Such as: kitchen sponges, some stretch fabric (fleece or old T-shirt), craft felt (acrylic felt, thickness 2 mm) and three binder rings.

To write on the pages you can use any writing object :), but I recommend to use regular colored felt-tip pens. They are easy to wash out.

By the way, you can use this DIY Squishy Notebook as a mini pillow 🙂 I tried – worked great! Lol

Measurements! (if needed)

Ok, I used 8 kitchen sponges 5×7.5×2.5 cm each. So both parts of notebook’s cover were 10×15 cm each.

The pages… Size of every page – width of the notebook cover “plus” 0.5 cm (so my were 10.5 cm each); length “minus” 1 cm (so my were 14 cm).

Love. Create. Discover.


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