How To Make A Miniature Swimming Pool Zen Garden – DIY Stress-Relieving Desk Decoration

When I look at my new Mini Zen Garden I seriously want to shrunk myself LOL and swim in this gorgeous blue water or just lay on the pool air mat and think about eternity 🙂 Anyway, this stress-relief toy helps to calm even in my actual size 🙂 So join, friends! Make your own miniature pools and lets relax together 🙂

DIY Miniature Swimming Pool Zen Garden

Super cute way to make a stress-relief toy – mini Zen Garden with swimming pool. Draw on sand with mini rake and remove leaves from water with mini pool skimmer net 🙂

If you want to reduce your stress and calm nerves – this super adorable stress-relieving desk toy will help for sure. Just relax, draw wavy lines, pick up fallen leaves from the water surface and your mind will focus just on these relaxing actions.

You (my dear subscribers) know how I like these cute Miniature Japanese gardens (Zen Gardens). And this one is my answer to the Autumn depression 🙂 Which is “No! I want summer go on!” LOL

I show 5 easy DIYs for this miniature.

The first one is the main – the base of all project. You will need a plastic food storage container, white acrylic paint, water and blue food coloring; and for the surrounded area I chose sand in a box, cause it is a ZEN Garden! 🙂 I recommend to use clean sand for chinchillas or canary birds from a pet store.

The next DIY project – DIY Miniature Lilo or Pool Air Mat – is based on my video with 10 DIY projects with drinking straws. So you’ll need drinking straws, baking paper and an iron.

The third mini DIY is a Miniature Swimming Pool Ladder (with three steps) 🙂 For this project I use 2 plastic rings from shower curtain, but if it is a problem for you – just use bendable drinking straws. And for the steps I use narrow (or thin) drinking straws, but you can use toothpicks instead.

The fourth DIY is Leaf Net for pool and leaves. I used bath net pouf, a ring from plastic bottle cap, a paper clip and a drinking straw. For the leaves I too an artificial greenery, but as a substitute it could be a greenery for aquariums, melted green drinking straws, small pieces of craft foam or anything that floats 🙂

And the last one – DIY miniature rake. Yes, I show how to make mini rake in my every Zen Garden video. 🙂 But this time I’ve decided to make rake from wooden stir sticks, but not from paper clips 🙂 As an option 🙂

By the way, you can place miniature furniture and decorations from my “DIY Mini Beach Zen Garden” video 😉 It will look awesome!

Love. Create. Discover.


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