How To Make A Miniature Golf Zen Garden – DIY Stress-Relieving Desk Decoration

Easy and cute way to make a stress-relief toy for your desk – mini Zen Garden made as Miniature Golf Course. You can play golf with mini ball and mini club, draw on sand with mini rake and watch out the water hazard – mini pond 🙂 You can play it alone or with your friend.

DIY Miniature Golf Zen Garden

This absolutely adorable desk decoration and stress toy is a great way to relax and to calm your nerves. Playing golf (miniature as well) and drawing on the sand is very relaxing, stress-relieving and helps to reduce anxiety and stress level. Even more – this miniature DIY will help to improve your mood, because it is a fun game! Just focus on these simple but relaxing and fun actions – hit the ball into the hole and draw on sand.

For this episode of my Miniature Japanese Zen Gardens series I’ve decided to make it even more interactive than previous ones. It is a game. And it’s cool 🙂 So this time this miniature DIY scene is a golf course with a sand bunker and water hazard. Just one hole, yes, but it’s no so easy to hit the ball as it seems. By the way – if you will tired of practicing – take mini rake and draw on sand to calm yourself 🙂

On this mini course we have few traps – water hazard (beautiful mini pond), sand bunker and vegetation 🙂 So watch them out! 🙂

Ok. Few words about my tutorial…

Number one – the whole course.

I use square lid from cardboard box (24×24 cm, height 4 cm), white plastic jar (it left after food for my fishes) (diameter about 8.5 cm, and 3 cm high after cutting), plastic cap of small spray bottle (diameter about 1.5 cm, height about 2.5 cm), green felt for craft (synthetic acrylic, 2 mm wide) and sand for chinchillas from the pet shop. I secure the “pond” and the “hole” with a flue gun, but it is not necessary. But if you will not glue them be ready that the sand will sometimes fall into them. Which is not a problem, actually.

For the DIY Pond (water hazard) I filled the jar bottom (the pond base) with decorative stones and water with blue food coloring. I also put some stones all around the course (just as a decoration, but it works as traps for playing golf too). And I added artificial greenery (around the course, to the sand and to the pond).

Next DIY is a miniature flag (flagstick). Everything is super easy – a toothpick, red and white acrylic paint and a piece of paper.

Next two – miniature golf ball and miniature golf club. For the ball I painted a bead with white acrylic paint. And for the mini club I made a drop with hot glue shaped like a “bean”, took a toothpick, paint it with silver nail polish (cruelty free!) and made a handle (grip) with black electrical tape.

Instead of using hot glue for the club’s “head”, you can make it with air dry clay or polymer clay.

And the last tutorial – DIY mini rake. You know I make two types of it – with paper clips (leaf-rake) and with wooden stir sticks and toothpicks. This time I chose the last one because it looks more common for Zen Gardens. Just like real 🙂 I painted it red to match with a flag 🙂

Ok. Enjoy making this miniature scene and have fun playing it!

Love. Create. Discover.


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