How To Make A Miniature Candyland Zen Garden – DIY Stress-relieving Desk Decoration

Super cute Do-It-Yourself mini Candy Land stress-relief toy! Everyone needs to reduce stress time after time. And this adorable zen garden will definitely help you to relax. Draw with rake in sprinkles, imagine how the “jelly” river flows and who’s living in the cake house 🙂

DIY Miniature Candyland Zen Garden IDUNN

This video consists of 5 DIY tutorials:

  1. DIY Cupcake trees

  2. DIY Jelly river

  3. DIY Peppermint bridge

  4. DIY Cake house

  5. DIY Candy Cane rake

I start with showing how to make a cupcake tree because it is important to secure it before filling the tray with salt and sprinkles. You will need a cupcake liner, a piece of paper, 2 white paper napkins (if you want to make white cream icing), double-sided tape, drinking straw (or any stick) and a red pompom (or a bead) as a cherry.

Next I show how to make a pink “Jelly” river. Let’s call it strawberry jelly river, LOL, cause it’s pink 🙂 You’ll need a sheet of pink paper and a hot glue gun. Probably some of you, guys, will be interested in how many glue gun sticks I used for this project. Well, I used 3 long thin sticks (30 cm long, 7 mm wide).

The third DIY is a miniature “peppermint” bridge 🙂 Because it is white-&-red 🙂 All you need is an empty cardboard tape tube (roll, core). Actually you can paint the white and red strips with paint, but I used red and white narrow drinking straws (3 mm wide). To attach them to the “bridge” I use a double-sided tape.

Moving to the fourth project – DIY Miniature Cake House. Or better to say a piece of cake 🙂 Well, hahaha, it seems pretty difficult to do, but it is NOT! 🙂 The main you must have – is a triangle (3D, lol, pyramid) of card stock paper (or cardboard), regular drinking straws and paper napkins (for icing). You can glue all parts with school glue or hot glue, or do it as I did – with double-sided tape. You may skip curtains of ribbon, change colors etc 🙂 Experiment!

And the last in this video I show how to make miniature rake. Cause it is a ZEN GARDEN :))) You’ll need 5 paper clips and a stick (I used a wooden stirrer, but it could be a popsicle stick or whatever you have). Oh! And a superglue, of course!

Love. Create. Discover… and relax :))))


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