How To Make a Miniature Beach Zen Garden – DIY Stress-Relieving Desk Decoration

In this video I show how to make a cute mini beach Zen Garden – stress-relief toy and desk decoration. When you feel tired or nervous – just play with the sand using mini rake, draw lines, waves and you’ll feel relief.

DIY Miniature Beach Zen Garden Idunn Goddess

What beach, even if it is a miniature and kind of zen garden, is possible without a sun lounger? So I start with a tutorial of DIY Mini Beach Lounger. You will need wooden coffee stirrers (0.5×14 cm each), some glue and white paint. The substitute for stir sticks – popsicle sticks, toothpicks or matches. For the towel I took a little piece of fabric. And the sand I poured into a lid from cardboard box.

The second miniature DIY project is a Beach Umbrella. Sooo easy – just take a cocktail umbrella and paint it with white and red paints (I used acrylic paints but you can use any kind of paint).


The third DIY even more easy that the previous one – DIY Mini Beach Ball. Paint a white bead with red, yellow and blue nail polishes. Really easy and super cute.

Next miniature is a Sand Bucket or Sand Pail. You will need a thimble, white nail polish (if you don’t like the thimble’s color), some washi tape and a paper clip (for handle).

And I finish my mini beach space with rake. Because zen garden without a rake is not a zen garden 🙂 So for the rake you’ll need 5 paper clips, cutters (nail clippers work great too), super glue and some woodem stick for the handle (I used a wooden stir stick from the first DIY preoject (lounger)).

It is really important to decorate your zen garden space with beautiful unique things, so it is not enough just to pour some dish with sand and draw in it. Create your own relaxation universe – mini and cute.


Have fun and never stop DIYing 🙂

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