How To Make A Koala Arm Phone Holder – DIY Phone Case For Arm – Koala Armband

Easy way to make a sports armband phone case that looks like koala! If you don’t have pockets to put your phone in and you don’t want to take your bag – this cute Koala arm phone holder will help you for sure!

Koala Phone Case Arm Holder Armband

This adorable DIY armband phone case is perfect for running, cycling, jogging, riding, skating etc. So let this fluffy DIY koala hug your arm and carry your phone 🙂

Tested – it works perfect!

For the DIY Koala Arm Phone Holder you will need:

  • old grey T-shirt

  • grey yarn (I used 100% acrylic (anti-pilling) yarn, thickness of thread – 6 (super bulky), 3.5 oz – 100 g – 80 mt – 87 yards)

  • elastic ribbon (3 cm wide)

  • black felt for nose

  • googly eyes (for eyes lol)

  • hot glue or super glue (some parts you can just sew)

Important tip about measurements. Measure the circumference of your upper arm (biceps) – it will be the length of the elastic ribbon. Add 3 cm to the circumference – and that will be the length of the case for the elastic.

Have to mention, that all people I meet in the park while running were impressed with my koala.

Love. Create. Discover.


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