How To Make a Bubble Machine – Easy DIY Soap Bubble Machine Out Of Plastic Cups, Bottles and Drinking Straws

Super easy recycling DIY project with plastic bottles, 2 plastic cups and drinking straws. This DIY Bubble Machine is absolutely easy to make and it works perfect!

DIY Bubble Machine IdunnGoddess

In my tutorial I also show how to make a soap bubble liquid (in three different ways).

I use desktop fan for this project, but if there is a windy weather and you want to make a backyard party – this bubble-machine-vane will work perfect just with a natural wind! So it is double eco-friendly bubble machine!

Oh! By the way! Make it thrice eco-friendly with using non-toxic and not-tested on animals dishwashing liquid as I did (I used Frosch dish soap which is absolutely safe for environment and this brand never test it’s products on animals)!

Ok, for my DIY Bubble Machine you will need:

  • 2 plastic cups

  • 4 drinking straws

  • 8 paperclips

  • 8 plastic bottles (you will need plastic rings from plastic caps – tamper evident bands)

  • an iron nail or sewing pin

  • a pencil

For soap bubble liquid you will need:

Recipe #1

  • 1.5 l water, 10 tablespoons dish soap, 10 teaspoons sugar

Recipe #2

  • 1.4 l water, 100 ml dish soap, 1 tablespoon of glycerin

Recipe #3

  • 1.4 l water, 100 ml dish soap, 5 tablespoons of corn syrup

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