How To Make a BB-8 Money Box Out Of Paper Napkins – DIY BB8 droid from Star Wars

Easy tutorial of BB-8 droid made of paper napkins and school glue. Star Wars super star – cute BB8 – is now can be made with your own hands without any special materials.

DIY BB8 IdunnGoddess

So many people asked me to make BB robot, so I’ve decided to accept this challenge and create him out of common stuff everybody has at home. So for cute babe BB8 you will need: 2 balloons, 17 paper napkins (10 for his body and 7 for his head), school glue, water, orange watercolor and silver nail polish. I used googly eyes for his camera-eyes, but blister packs from round pills will be ok too.

DIY BB8 IdunnGoddess 2

Hope you’ll love this homemade BB-8 money box (or BB-8 bank) as much as I did.


May the Force be with you!

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