First 360° DIY project – How To Make A Maze Toy VR Tutorial

My first 360-degree spherical video tutorial, where I show how to make an easy puzzle game – transparent maze toy. It can be helpful in stress relieving and practicing focus and movement accuracy 🙂

First DIY project in 360 - DIY Maze Toy VR Tutorial

Just few tips that might help you to watch this VR video:

– make sure you watch it in the best quality

– for smartphone and tablet users: start watching the video (full screen) with your phone or tablet right in front of your face. Turn your phone in any direction, as you were a cameraman (use it like a little “window” to watch after me :)). Or use your finger to move the image in any direction.

– for laptop and any computer users: set the best quality and move the video image (screen) with your mouse.

– for VR headsets users – you know what to do 😉

This video is interactive. Not only because you should follow me wherever I go in the video :), but also you can COUNT THE STARS that appear in the video during all my tutorial. They could be behind you, or to the right or left… Try to see them all. 😉 How many stars? Correct answer is at the end of the description. 🙂

You can also find a 10-second cloud with a secret message somewhere in the video. So try to find it too.

360 degree video Idunn

Ok. About the DIY project. My maze is an interactive game that can be used as a stress-relieving toy, as a puzzle to boost your focus and movement accuracy or just as a cool desk decoration. 🙂

To make it you will need: 2 identical photo frames with glass (any size, but my were A4 format), drinking straws, a bead, double-sided tape, super glue or hot glue. You can draw a maze yourself, print the image from the internet or trace the one from the computer screen.


Love. Create. Discover.

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