DIY Universe In A Cup – How To Make Miniature Cosmos With Galaxies In A Cup

My dear friends! I really hope you’ll understand and share my feelings I put in this project. I made this video in loving memory of Stephen Hawking, trying to combine craft, art and universe together. Love you!

DIY Miniature Universe Galaxies In A Cup

Easy and beautiful way to make a DIY universe that pouring out of the fallen cup with black hole inside. I show how to make this decoration at all and how to draw space, galaxies and the Earth.

To make this DIY (which is really close to the art piece) you will need a cup (my was 8 cm high, and it’s diameter was 10 cm), sticks for hot glue gun, microwave oven (or you can use a stove oven), acrylic paint (black, pink, violet, light blue, white and green), kitchen sponge, table tennis ball (for a planet) and a bead (for the Moon).

I added a black hole to the bottom of the cup, because I wanted to add more specific element of Mr Hawking’s life and work.

Tip: draw space and galaxies with any colors you’d like. They can be blue-green or yellow-red… It’s up to you.

Good luck!

Love. Create. Discover.


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