DIY Miniature Park In A Flower Pot – How To Make Miniature Tree, Street Light, Bench

Awesomely cute mini world tutorial. In this video I show how to make a miniature tree, which looks like real, working street light and mini wood bench.


I start with a DIY Street Light. You will need a drinking straw, a light-emitting diode, some wire (I used old audio 2 core cable), coin cell (button battery) and a little clothespin to attach wires ends to the battery. So it will be easy to switch the light on or off.

I also show how to put this miniature street lamp in the flower pot, using decorative stones. So you will also need a terracotta pot and some stones.

The next is a DIY Miniature Tree. I really proud of myself, cause the way I’ve invented, makes it look really natural. So, you will need a dry branch, a green yarn (to make small pompoms), dried (by iron) green maple leaves and a hair spray.

I also use smashed dry leaves as a grass.

And the last DIY is a miniature bench. You will need toothpicks, superglue and brown watercolor paint. I found watercolors are perfect to make wood looks like real. This kind of paint is translucent, so it doesn’t hide the texture of the wood.

Love. Create. Discover. x

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