DIY Miniature Beach Stress-Relieving Fishing Game – How To Make A Tabletop Fishing Game In A Glass

In this video I show how to make a miniature fishing game stress toy that looks like a tiny seashore with palm trees and hammock. Place this mini beach onto any cup or glass with water and catch miniature fishes with a miniature fishing rod.

Miniatue Beach Fishing Game and Stress Toy

For this adorable DIY stress toy you will need:

  • a Pringles’ cap

  • yellow kitchen sponge

  • cotton swabs

  • green paper

  • jute twine (not necessary)

  • a tiny peace of cloth for hammock

  • a toothpick

  • sewing thread

  • paperclips (colored, nylon coated – to prevent rust)

  • narrow drinking straw

I start with a mini beach which I make with a cap from Pringles chips and yellow sponge (urethane, synthetic). I secure a piece of sponge with a double-sided tape, but you can use a hot glue instead.

The next – placing miniature palm trees to the seashore 🙂 Use narrow drinking straw (or cotton swab stick, or toothpick) for a trunk and green paper for leaves. I cover a piece of drinking straw with a jute twine, but you can just paint it brown.

For the miniature hammock I take a tiny peace of fabric and sewing thread.

For the DIY starfish I took a piece of pink paper, star-shaped hole punch (but you can just cut the star with scissors) and cover it with a hot glue. Looks perfect!

Next DIY is a mini fishing rod. Toothpick + sewing thread + paper clip (for a hook) and few details to make it more realistic 🙂

Let’s make fishes and starfishes. All you need is a paperclip 🙂 Just use nylon coated paperclips to prevent rust. Make as many sea creatures as you want. I think the game will be more interesting if you’ll achieve points for every fish. So let’s every starfish will give you 5 points and regular fishes – 10 points each. So then if your friend will make the same game you can compete for time 🙂

You’ll be surprised, but almost every cup or glass matches to the Pringles’ cap 🙂 Seriously. So choose the best glass or cup, pour it with water, and place our mini beach on the top.

That’s it! Absolutely adorable, easy and fun. This desk stress toy will help you to reduce stress, to train your focus and accuracy. Have fun!

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