DIY GIANT Magic Poke Ball – How To Make Big Magic 8-Ball In Pokemon Go Style

From this video you’ll find out how to make a Magic Eight Ball, but really big and shaped like Poke Ball. Ask the ball your yes-no questions and test your intuition.

DIY Giant Magic Poke Ball IDUNN

For this awesome Do-It-Yourself project you will need: cheap basketball, 1 litre glass jar with lid, plastic lid from plastic container, permanent marker, clear nail polish, spray foam, acrylic paints (red, white, black – the colors of pokeball).

Follow my video instructions and you’ll easily make a magic Poke Ball yourself.

Few words about spray foam. I used window and door insulating foam. It expands while getting dry. But as far as it was not enough air in the empty basketball, I filled it with three layers. Made first one (1/3 part of the ball) – waited for 1 hour. The dry foam expanded almost twice. Then I made the second layer and also left it dry for 1 hour. And, finally, made the last third layer, which grew over the hole when dried. After foam dry completely – cut the hole for the jar. It is very easy to cut, but be careful anyway.

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Have fun and never stop DIYing 🙂

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