DIY Giant Bubbles – How To Make Huge Soap Bubbles Tutorial

Unbelievable giant size of soap bubbles will blow up your mind! And the most fantastic is that you can make bubbles mixture at home with ordinary ingredients.

DIY Giant Bubbles coloredtips 5

For DIY Giant Bubbles you will need water (not hot, 4 tablespoons), dishwashing liquid (I used Fairy Green Apple, 2 tablespoons), 1 teaspoon of sugar, glycerin (for skin care, 2 tablespoons). Here you are!

DIY Giant Bubbles coloredtips 3

I used the top of Cola bottle as a tool for inflating bubbles (watch in my video tutorial). It is good for at-home fun.

DIY Giant Bubbles coloredtips 1

But for outdoor I used a regular cord (or rope) with 3 nuts to make it heavier (how to make it – you will find in my video).

DIY Giant Bubbles coloredtips 4

How long was the rope? About 150cm. But it can be longer or shorter – depends on what size of bubbles you want to get.

DIY Giant Bubbles coloredtips 2


So, have fun with my exclusive recipe of DIY Giant Bubbles!

Good luck!

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