DIY Functional Gumball Machine or Candy Machine – How To Make Working Candy Dispenser Tutorial

This is a video tutorial of how to make old fashioned Working Candy Dispenser or Candy Machine or Gumball Machine! My design let candies tumble out of the dispenser into your hands. This DIY Functional Gumball Machine is very easy to make and it does not need any special details.

diy candy machine
All you need is: a beautiful plastic bottle (I used ball-shaped plastic sprayer), McDonald’s plastic cup (for milkshake) and a plastic bottle (I used 1.5 l Bonaqua bottle). Watch my video tutorial to find out how to put that all together.

diy candy machine 7Few words about measurements. I used McDonald’s plastic cup for milkshake (height – 10.5 cm, bottom diameter – 5 cm). The hole for candies is 4 cm x 1.5 cm. The hole for handle is 1.5 cm. The distance between these two holes is about 0.5 cm. The distance from bottom to the hole for candies – 4.5 cm.

diy candy machine 77


The ramp I call “Slide” (from plastic bottle) is 7.5 cm + 3.5 cm long. It has 6 cm at it’s wider side and 4 cm in thinner. A “door” is 4 cm x 4 cm.

diy candy machine 2
Please ask your questions in comments below the video on my YouTube channel!

Good luck!

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