DIY Compact Mirror Burger – How To Make Pocket Mirror Hamburger

My absolutely cute invention – DIY Compact Mirror Burger. This is a pocket mirror in a shape of hamburger. This video is a step-by-step tutorial of how to make this awesomeness! It is really easy and you will not need any special materials.

 DIY Compact Mirror Burger

So, for DIY Mirror Burger you will need:

  • 2 bath sponges of identical size and color (better to take yellow or orange sponges)

  • a cardboard

  • 2 cups or something round (I use a mug with diameter 8 cm and a cap of spray paint with diameter 6.5 cm)

  • 2 green ribbons (2.5×40 cm each)

  • brown nail polish

  • cheap plastic compact mirror

  • needle and thread

  • old t-shirt (better yellow)

  • gouache or watercolor paints (ocher, orange and white) + water and paintbrushes

  • glue gun (or double sided tape), pen, pencil, scissors

From sponges and t-shirt we’ll make two buns (bread), from ribbon – salad, from mirror and nail polish – patty!

Follow my video instructions to understand how to make this cute hamburger mirror. I swear it is easy!

 DIY Compact Mirror Burger 3

This is so cute, when you take burger mirror from your purse! And much cuter when you comb your hair or use a lipstick watchingin the mirror 🙂

And no – gouache and watercolor will not spoil your stuff in the bag and will not smudge your hands. It is totally safe!

And no – it is NOT edible lol

Good luck 🙂

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