DIY Bouncy Ball Out Of Rainbow Loom Bands – Super Ball Jumps Up To 7 meters high

DIY Bouncy Ball Out Of Rainbow Loom Bands

Absolutely amazing bouncy super ball! All you need to make it – Rainbow Loom rubber bands and patience. I use rubber bands that remain after making bracelets and charms. As more bands you will use – as bigger will be your bouncy power ball. Start with few bands at once – twist them, tie a node and continue braiding and criss-crossing bands over this node. After 30 bands you will have a small super jumping ball. But be patient and continue to make it bigger.

This DIY Rainbow Loom Bouncy Ball which I made in my video tutorial jumps 7 meters high. Actually, it can jump higher if I would be stronger. The point is that bouncy balls rebound proportionally to the amount of force used when thrown at a hard surface.
So, have fun!

Good luck!

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