DIY Basket Out Of Wallpaper Leftovers – How To Make a Basket from Wallpaper Scraps (tutorial)

This is a great idea for leftover wallpaper – DIY square storage basket for toys, clothes and other different stuff. My tutorial is very easy and really useful!

diy basket out of wallpaper leftovers tutorial

I like Wallpaper Leftover Crafts ideas because you always have few rolls of wallpaper left after room renovation. For my handmade basket you will need just less than a half of wallpaper roll or just about 2 meters of wallpaper remnants.

diy basket out of wallpaper leftovers tutorial 3_out

For this awesome DIY Basket (which width is 25 cm and height is 35 cm) you will need: 20 wallpaper strips of 15 cm x 55 cm (which will be 5 cm x 55 cm after folding), 7 wallpaper strips or more 15 cm x 110 cm (which will be 5 cm x 110 cm after folding), 2 cardboard squares 25 x 25 cm each (I cut the pizza box) and a school glue.

Watch my video instructions to find out how it works. 🙂

diy basket out of wallpaper leftovers tutorial 2_out

Wallpaper scraps are great for crafts and creativity. So if you want to design something awesome and really useful out of wallpaper remnants – make this easy DIY wallpaper basket!

Let me know about your results: use a hashtag #idunnclub, send me pictures by email, or follow me on social networks.

Good luck! 🙂

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