DIY 3D Stairs – How To Draw Easy 3D Stairs Optical Illusion

DIY 3D Stairs How To Draw Easy 3D Stairs coloredtips 1

This is an easy video tutorial of how to draw 3D optical illusion – 3D Stairs. If you will look at the picture (3D image) from the right angle (about 45 from left-top) – you will see how the stairs becomes volumetric and lead from the “floor” to the “wall”. You can draw a door at the top, or flower at the bottom – whatever. But in real stairs are drawn on flat printer paper. To draw this 3D optical illusion you will need a ruler, black pen and a pencil. You can draw this 3D stairs inside the greeting card and write something like “Wish you an easy way to the top” or something. Now watch my video tutorial and repeat my 3D scheme. It is really easy! So, create this optical illusion – do the magic!

Good luck!

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