5 DIY Summer Ideas – Easy DIY Projects For Summer

From this video tutorial you’ll find out how to make easy, beautiful and useful DIY things for Summer. DIY Watermelon Flats, DIY Rose Hairbrush, DIY Colorful Sunglasses, DIY Watermelon Hairband and super cute way to decorate your earphones (earbuds).

5 DIY Ideas For Summer by Idunn Goddess

I start with DIY Sunglasses decoration. For this project you will need sunglasses (obviously lol), colorful beads and some strong glue. Super easy, super fast and look awesome – dreamglasses 🙂

The next DIY is the thing I use hundred times a day – hairbrush. 🙂 To make the process cuter I’ve decided to DIY my brush with roses. All is simple. Just take a hairbrush (my was wooden, but you can use a plastic one and then not paint it), thin permanent marker and pink nail polish.

The third DIY is a super adorable hairband which looks like a watermelon slice. You will need a pink plastic hairband, a masking tape and nail polishes (green and white). Draw seeds with permanent marker.

Super easy and colorful way to decorate your earphone (earbuds, and actually any wire headphones) is my fourth DIY. You will need a little colorful craft pom-poms and some glue. I use a hot glue, but you can use any other glue you have.

And the last one – DIY shoes 🙂 A white ballet flats (pointy toe) with watermelon elements. I used flats made of artificial leather, but you can easily take a pair of fabric flats. Instead of special paints I took a regular spray paint and was pretty satisfied with the result.


Have fun and don’t stop DIYing 🙂

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