DIY Lipstick – How To Make Lipstick in 5 minutes WITHOUT Crayons and Any Special Materials

Here is my new video tutorial of how to make shiny pearlized lipstick in a very short time WITHOUT CRAYONS! For my DIY lipstick I use only safe ingredients – a lip balm (chapstick) and eyeshadow! So you will get a lipstick that is absolutely friendly for sensitive lip skin!
This DIY Shiny Lipstick is not only beautiful, it also takes care of your lips!

DIY Lipstick EASY
As you understand you can make it of any colour and of any flavour. Just use different eyeshadows and lip balms.

DIY Lipstick EASY 2
For my Shiny Pearlized DIY Lipstick you will need: 1 lip balm (~4g) and eyeshadow (~2g). How to make your own lipstick at home with these ingredients – watch in my video tutorial.
So make your own custom lipstick color that will really suit you!

Good luck!

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