DIY Jelly Candies With Cranberries Using Ice Cubes Trays – Very Easy Recipe + Layered Jelly Cake

DIY Jelly Candies with Cranberries Recipe coloredtipsReally easy recipe of colorful Gummy Jelly Candies with a little surprise inside – cranberries! These DIY candies look like gemstones! And the bonus – Layered Jelly Cake (also with cranberries) – is very easy to make too. You will make it with the rest of jelly. By the way, you can put not only cranberries into candies, but another berries, M&M’s, Skittles etc.

For Jelly Candies you will need: cranberries, 3 packages of jelly (I took cherry, lemon and kiwifruit jellies), 90g of unflavored gelatin (30 grams for each kind of jelly), hot boiling water (2 cups (400ml) per each jelly), ice cube trays (3) and a bowl.

Let’s start with red jelly – Cherry jelly:
Mix 2 cups (400 ml) of hot boiling water, 1 package of Cherry Jelly, 30g of unflavored gelatin. Fill the first ice cube tray with this mixture and put cranberries (1 per every tray section). Put the tray into the fridge for 2 hours. Take a bowl and fill 1/3 part of it with the rest of cherry jelly. That will be the first layer of our Jelly Layered Cake. Put few cranberries into the bowl with jelly and place into the fridge for 30-40 minutes.

Next will be Lemon Jelly. Do the same as we did with a cherry jelly (2 cups of hot boiling water, 1 package of Lemon Jelly, 30g of unflavored gelatin – mix). Fill another ice cube tray with this kind of jelly and also add cranberries. Place into the fridge. Then take your bowl with cherry jelly (it must be gummy already) and fill the 2nd layer of lemon jelly (1/3 part of whole bowl). Add cranberries and put in the fridge again.

The last jelly – Kiwifruit Jelly – has the same recipe as two previous. And it will be the last third layer for our jelly cake.

After 2 hours in the fridge you can take out our candies from ice cube trays. Do it carefully with no rush. Then place a bowl with tree-layers jelly cake into warm water for 15 seconds. Then turn it upside down and the cake will fall from the bowl. That’s it – Gemstones Jelly Candies with Cranberries and Layered Jelly Cake are ready! The will not melt for a long time, so it is not necessary to keep them in the fridge. But please, don’t eat them next day – because I’m not sure how long could they be fresh. I eat them immediately!

So, good luck and Bon Appetite!

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