DIY Tote Bags – How To Make And Decorate Tote Bags – easy tutorial

In this video I show the easiest way to make a tote bag and three cool ways to decorate blank canvas tote bags. Silver shiny bag, flower peace sign bag and a bag with marine stripes and yellow submarine on it.

tote bags IdunnGoddess

For the DIY Tote Bag (first part of the video – How To Make A Tote Bag) you will need: a pillow case (I took square 40×40 cm) and an old fabric belt. Actually you can make handles with any kind of sturdy fabric. I like that pillow cases have a zipper from one side, so your DIY beach bag will have a fastener.

First way to decorate your tote bag is to make it full of flowers and sense! Even philosophy! 🙂 I show how to make the sign of PEACE with artificial flowers and silk ribbons.

The second decoration way of decoration of DIY bag is a Silver Bag. I use silver sequin trim for it and metal studs and chain. My tote bag had short handles, so I’ve decided to make them longer – that is why I used a chain. Studs are not necessary – but I found them really awesome.

And the third way is my way to show how much I love The Beatles 🙂 Yellow Submarine Tote Bag consists 🙂 of: old denim clothing (I used a denim skirt), and felt (red and yellow). I cut 5 denim strips 4 cm wide each. Their length was a bit more than bag’s length. I used red and yellow felt for letters and submarine, but any sturdy cloth of these two colors.


Have fun!

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