DIY Shoe Fasteners or How To Never Tie Your Shoes Again

Really useful and cheap way of DIY Shoe Fasteners (or DIY Shoe Ties) that will let you never lace your shoes and never tie them again!

DIY Shoe Fasteners or How Never Tie and Lace Your Shoes Again

It is very popular now to exchange ordinary shoelace for modern designed shoe fasteners. So I tried to make my own design with colorful hair ties (or scrunchies)! You will need to tie them once, and then just slip on your shoes.

DIY Shoe Fasteners coloredtips 1

Because of hair ties are elastic and flexible – it is very comfortable to walk and run in your shoes.

DIY Shoe Fasteners coloredtips 2

And what I like most of all – there are sooo many colors and designs of scrunchies, that you can make your shoes really unique!

DIY Shoe Fasteners coloredtips 3

Hair ties are really great substitute for shoelace. So choose right color of hair ties and make your sneakers creative and really comfortable!

Good luck!

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