DIY NO KNIT Hat, Mittens and Scarf Out Of a Sweater (NO KNIT & NO SEW) – No-knit Knit Kit Tutorial

Easy tutorial of how to make a knit hat (no-knit hat), mittens and scarf WITHOUT knitting and sewing from useless sweater! So you’ll get an adorable winter kit just for half an hour!

DIY Hat Scarf Mittens No Knit No Sew Out Of a Sweater_2

Everything is absolutely easy and clear – all you have to have is a useless sweater and a glue gun. Actually, you can just sew. But I know many ppl don’t like it so that is why I made my kit with a hot glue.

I start with mittens and make them from sleeves. The hat I make from sweater’s back. And the scarf – from sweater’s front size. And don’t forget – as more pompoms you’ll use for decorating, as much cuter will be your no-knit-knit kit 🙂


Good luck and let me know about your winter no-knit kits 🙂

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