7 DIY Notebooks – How To Make Mermaid, Watermelon, Marble, Cactus And More Notebooks

7 DIY Notebooks - Watermelon, Marble, Mermaid, Gold, Cactus

In this DIY BackToSchool video I show how to make Mermaid Notebook, Cactus, Marble (plus how to draw marble), Watermelon, Jigsaw Puzzle Notebooks (with bookmarks), DIY Notebook with handles and Fabric Cover Notebook. I start with a Jigsaw Puzzle Notebook. For this project I painted puzzle pieces with different colors but before filming I was […]

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How To Make A Diamond Notebook And Holographic Glitter School Supplies – DIY Holographic Back-To-School

DIY Diamond Holographic Glitter School Supplies

Five DIYs for school – DIY Diamond Notebook, DIY Glitter Pen, DIY Glitter Pencil, Glitter Ruler and Glitter Eraser. This DIY Back-to-School tutorial is super easy and super shimmery! DIY Back-To-School project number one – DIY Diamond Notebook. For this project you will need a notebook, white paper, glue stick and holographic paper (or use […]

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DIY Multifunctional Double-Sided Desk – How To Make A Desk And Organize It

DIY Multifunctional Double-Sided Desk

This super-duper DIY Desk will always look tidy and organized. The desktop will always be clean, empty and ready for fun or work because all your stuff will be on the desk’s underneath! I’m so happy with my new invention! And I’m happy to share it with you! In this video I show how to […]

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DIY Fluffy Monster Backpack – How To Make A Funny Hairy Backpack

DIY Monster Backpack Idunn Goddess

Sometimes everybody needs a friendly monster to watch your back 😉 So really hope you’ll like this cute DIY backpack and the video at all 🙂 DIY backpack tutorial! In this video I show how to make your backpack (school bag) unique and cute! One more project to my Back-to-school videos 🙂 For this DIY […]

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