How To Make a Pumpkin Pillow – DIY Pumpkin Pillows


Soft, cozy, bright, super easy and extremely cute! Love my new DIY project. Hope you’ll like it too 🙂 Super easy way to make a pumpkin pillow! Use old clothes, any type of fabric, experiment with colors and sizes. In this video I even show how to make a pumpkin out of a sock! These […]

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How To Make an Oreo Pillow – DIY Oreo Pillow (tutorial)

Oreo Pillow

Easy tutorial of how to make a giant Oreo – cozy pillow. I made this Oreo Pillow out of an old T-shirt and an useless polyester home poncho. But you can use any kind of fabric. I start with making a pattern made of paper. I use a pan cap to draw a circle – […]

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How To Make Portable Nap Mini Pillow – DIY Compact Travel Napping Pillow

How To Make Portable Nap Mini Pillow 6

From this video you will find out how to make Portable Mini Pillow less than for 3 dollars! My way to make napping pillows is very simple and what is really important for me – my pillows are really compact, really portable (you can put one into your purse or even clutch bag)! And also […]

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