DIY Paper Poppy Flower – How To Make A Poppy From Paper

how to make a paper poppy flower coloredtips

This video shows the easy way to make a poppy flower with just one sheet of A4 paper. Also you will need a scissors, a pencil, a school glue and black marker. Follow my video instructions and you will see how easy is the process of making a poppy. You can decorate your photo frames […]

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DIY Paper Flowers On A Drinking Straw – How To Make Easy Paper Flowers

DIY Paper Flower on a Drinking Straw 1

This is an easy way to make paper flowers. All you will need to make them – a scissors, a drinking straw and 4 sheets of colorful paper (10 cm X 10 cm each). Then follow my video instructions to understand how you have to cut petals. Did you know that this kind of paper […]

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DIY Curly Paper Flowers – How to make Swirly Paper Hyacinths

how to make curly paper flowers

This is an easy paper flower tutorial – Curly Paper Hyacinths! These swirly flowers look amazing and they are easy and fun to make. You will need: colored paper (A4 sheets – green (for stem) and pink for flowers), scissors, glue and a ballpoint pen. So follow my video instuctions and decorate your room with […]

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DIY Paper Tulips – How to Make an Origami Tulip


One of my favorite origami flowers is a paper tulip. This video is an easy tutorial of how to fold an origami tulip.     You can make a bouquet of paper tulips, or just one. Choose any color you like and make tulips as large or small as you’d prefer. I started with a […]

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DIY Twisted Paper Rose – How to Make an Easy Rose Out Of Paper

Twisted Paper Rose

This is the simplest way to make a paper rose! It will take you 3 minutes to do! Easiest way to fold, or better to say twist and spin, a paper rose. Decorate photo frames, mirrors or greeting cards and boxes with these roses. Or just make an appliqué, or a paper bouquet… Good luck!

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How to Make a Kusudama – Japanese Flower Ball made of paper flowers

kusudama ball tutorial

In this video you can see how to make a Kusudama – Flower Ball. This great Japanese decoration consists of 12 origami (paper) flowers, and each flower consists of 5 cone petals. How to make a flower for Kusudama – watch this: How To Make a Flower for Kusudama You can decorate your room with […]

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