How To Make A Triple Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet – Step By Step Tutorial

how to make a triple single rainbow loom band bracelet 2

This video tutorial for beginners will help you to understand how to make a triple loom band bracelet. This kind of loom banding bracelet is not very easy, but if you will follow my video instructions step by step you will make it easily! For Triple Single Rainbow Loom Bracelet you will need: 2 loom […]

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How To Make a Fishtail Bracelet – Easy Rainbow Loom Bands Tutorial

fishtail loom bracelet coloredtips 1

This is my favourite way of loom banding – it is the easiest and the most beautiful. You can make Fishtail Loom Bracelet with the loom board from your Rainbow Loom Bands kit, on a special loom with two pegs, or even just on your 2 fingers. Choose rubber bands of any colours you want […]

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DIY Earrings Out Of A Recycled Plastic Bottle

diy earrings out of a recycle plastic bottle 3 watermark

This an easy way to make earrings with plastic bottles. You will need a plastic bottle (0.5 L), scissors (to cut 2 rings out of a bottle) and 3 threads (better of different colors) 150 cm each. How to weave – watch in my video tutorial. So, save our Planet – give a second life […]

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DIY Ribbon Bracelet “Loopy” – How To Make a Ribbon Bracelet

diy ribbon bracelet loopy 22

One of my favourite bracelets – ribbon bracelet “Loopy”. I call it Loopy because you insert loop in loop, when you weave it. For this ribbon bracelet you will need two ribbons (better of different colors) about 1 meter each. This bracelet is very easy to do, so in 5 minutes you will have new […]

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DIY 3 Bracelets out of Recycled Plastic Bottles


If you are looking for how to make a bracelet from a recycled plastic bottle, you will like this video tutorial. It is very easy to do and leave a lot of space for your fantasy. In this video I will show three options to decorate bracelets out of a plastic bottle – with pieces […]

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DIY Chain and Beads Bracelet – Very Easy Way To Make A Bracelet

how to make chain and beads bracelet

This is a very easy way to make a bracelet. It will take you a few minutes to do. All you need is a chain, beads (8-10 beads) and a lace (thread or fishing line). All my friends were shocked – they could not believe that bracelet was handmade! Actually it is really cool and […]

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