DIY Mini Christmas Decorations – Tiny Holiday Decor Ideas

DIY Mini Christmas Decorations 2

Super easy and super cute DIY tutorial of mini Christmas decorations for your dolls or desk (DIY Christmas Tree, DIY Mini Fireplace, DIY Stockings, gift boxes and candy canes)! As always in my videos you will NOT need any special materials and much time! So there are 5 DIYs to do. The first is Mini […]

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How To Make A Gift Bow Out Of Paper – DIY Paper Gift Bow

DIY Gift Bow Out Of Paper coloredtips 2

This is a really easy way to make a festive paper bows. All you need is 1 sheet printer paper (any color you want), a ruler, a pencil, scissors and double sided tape (or glue, or stapler). Fold printer paper sheet in half, mark 6 strips 1.5 cm each. Cut them and twist as it […]

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3 DIY Christmas Ornaments – How To Make Easy And Beautiful Christmas Decorations


This video tutorial shows how to make best three DIY Christmas ornaments. TOP 3 fast and easy DIY X-mas ornaments are: #1. Christmas Flower Out Of A Toilet Paper Roll – cheap, easy and recycled decoration. #2. Christmas Striped Paper Ball – easy and cute ball out of colored paper strips. #3. Christmas Spiral Star […]

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DIY Christmas Ornament – Paper Wreath (8-unit modular origami)

origami wreath 7

This kind of homemade Christmas Ornaments is very simple to do. It consists of 8 identical units which are very easy to fold. You can use any kind of paper for this kind of paper wreath (make it solid or different colors, make it out of a colored paper or out of recycled magazines and […]

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How To Make A Simple Origami Gift Box – DIY Gift Box in 2 minutes

origami gift box 1

This kind of origami box is very easy to make. You can use as a holder for beads for example, but I make these origami boxes as a gift boxes for my friends. You can make it any color and any size. In my video tutorial I show how to make a little gift box […]

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