DIY Fluffy Monster Backpack – How To Make A Funny Hairy Backpack

DIY Monster Backpack Idunn Goddess

Sometimes everybody needs a friendly monster to watch your back 😉 So really hope you’ll like this cute DIY backpack and the video at all 🙂 DIY backpack tutorial! In this video I show how to make your backpack (school bag) unique and cute! One more project to my Back-to-school videos 🙂 For this DIY […]

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5 DIY Adorable Sleep Masks – How To Make An Eye Mask For Sleeping

5 DIY Sleep Masks

In this video I show five ways of making sleep masks (or blindfolds) shaped like animals – easy DIY Unicorn, Owl, Bat, Kitty and Panda Sleep Masks tutorial. Comfortable, useful and absolutely adorable. The sleep mask is a highly needed accessory for me! I usually edit videos till morning, so these eye masks help me […]

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DIY Tote Bags – How To Make And Decorate Tote Bags – easy tutorial

tote bags IdunnGoddess

In this video I show the easiest way to make a tote bag and three cool ways to decorate blank canvas tote bags. Silver shiny bag, flower peace sign bag and a bag with marine stripes and yellow submarine on it. For the DIY Tote Bag (first part of the video – How To Make […]

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DIY Earmuffs – How To Make Oreo, M&M’s and YouTube Earmuffs

DIY Earmuffs Oreo M and Ms YouTube IdunnGoddess 3

In this video tutorial I show how to make easy, cozy and cute DIY Earmuffs. All you’ll need is an old sweatshirt, a headband and 2 plastic Pringles caps (or cardboard). I’m sure this video will be useful for countries with cold weather. I live in Europe, so I made myself three pairs of earmuffs […]

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DIY Shoe Fasteners or How To Never Tie Your Shoes Again

DIY Shoe Fasteners coloredtips 1

Really useful and cheap way of DIY Shoe Fasteners (or DIY Shoe Ties) that will let you never lace your shoes and never tie them again! It is very popular now to exchange ordinary shoelace for modern designed shoe fasteners. So I tried to make my own design with colorful hair ties (or scrunchies)! You […]

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