DIY Universe In A Cup – How To Make Miniature Cosmos With Galaxies In A Cup

DIY Miniature Universe Galaxies In A Cup

My dear friends! I really hope you’ll understand and share my feelings I put in this project. I made this video in loving memory of Stephen Hawking, trying to combine craft, art and universe together. Love you! Easy and beautiful way to make a DIY universe that pouring out of the fallen cup with black […]

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First 360° DIY project – How To Make A Maze Toy VR Tutorial

First DIY project in 360 - DIY Maze Toy VR Tutorial

My first 360-degree spherical video tutorial, where I show how to make an easy puzzle game – transparent maze toy. It can be helpful in stress relieving and practicing focus and movement accuracy 🙂 Just few tips that might help you to watch this VR video: – make sure you watch it in the best […]

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